Road To Freedom

Seras' Journal - Entry 75

It has been a few days since I have written here. Spent them in the slave pits, a horrible place. The food is disgusting, barely edible. The slaves stink of sweat and feces. THEY TRIED TO CUT MY HAIR! The next guard who even suggests it will have it coming to him.

Morvak sent me to the mines to find fighters for the arena. What’s suprising is he sent Hr’kark to do the same. That minataur can handle herself well enough, not sure why I needed to go. Morvak doesn’t like me, he probably did it just to see me uncomfortable.

I was tasked with finding fighters and I did. Urgo will do well in the arena. He is strong and doesn’t think too much. Thinking will get you killed. The Thri-kreen will also fight well. The last time I fought a Thri-kreen it didn’t end well, for either of us.

As for that bastard Halfling, I had hoped training would kill him. Sadly, it didn’t. He can really shoot a bow. Wish he would listen more. Went travelling through some tunnels under the arena with him. We found a Market district buried beneath Tyr. There seemed to be some humans living down there; at least they used to be human. They were covered in this mold and attacked without warning. Someone had the bright idea of suggesting using them in the Games. That will not be a pretty fight, hope it’s not me.

There’s only a few hours before I have to return to the pits. The games will be in a few games. Live to fight another day.



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