Road To Freedom

Fight For Your Right

With the return of slaves back to the slave pits, our heroes make a new friend by assisting a half-giant under assault by a few elven slaves. Zedath was able to use the distraction in the pits to free a few beasts of burden as well as Corran from the pits.

Thri-Kreen Monk
Hr’kark -

For the Glory of Tyr

Tyr glistens under the scorching heat of the High Sun period. It is during this period that a set of individuals have come together whether they want to or not.

Seras – After fighting a training match with an upstart gladiator by the name of Verath, Seras was called over by Morvak for some important news. Morvak has chosen Seras to help train a group of slaves to fight in the next games as well as provide labor support for the building of the Ziggurat.
Lazam – Lazam successfully jumped to the end of the line where he unsuccessfully tried to pass forged merchant certificates to the examining templar. The templar ordered the guards to send Lazam to the pits. Not one to merely accept defeat, Lazam tried to get free of the guards at his own peril. The guards successfully knocked him unconscious and brought him to the slave pits.
Thri-Kreen Monk – Traveling quite a distance to find a school in the art of the Way, the thri-kreen monk was successful in entering the city and asking where the school might be found. While traveling through the side streets he came across a half-elf being harassed by two well dressed elves. The two elves turned their attention to the thri-kreen who looked like trouble. After a spirited fight the guards came rushing in just as one of them fell to the ground. With a little persuasion and gold, the two elves were able to convince the guards the thri-kreen was the trouble maker and hauled him off to the slave pits.
Corran – Dealing with the loss of his friends, family and town, Corran has decided to enter Tyr in search of supplies. He was able to gain entrance after speaking to the guards and but was unfortunate in coming across one of Tyr’s press gangs. After a failed attempt to slip away through alley, he was knocked into submission by a tough half-giant gang member.
Zedath – Zedath has come to the city of Tyr in search of supplies for his small village in the Ringing Mountains. He was able to gain entrance after speaking to the guards and but was unfortunate in coming across one of Tyr’s press gangs. Waiting for the right opportunity paid off as he was able to slip away while other press gang members dealt with Corran. Zedath now feels a sense of concern to those who have been pressed into Tyrian service.


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