Character Creation Questions

Character Creation Questions:
  1. What is your opinion of the Sorcerer Kings?

    • They are a plague that oppresses and enslaves us all for their benefit.

    • I don’t like them but what can any of us do about them.

    • I don’t bother them and they don’t bother me.

    • They are the only forces holding our civilization together.

  2. Do you prefer the city or the wilderness?

    • City

    • Wilderness

  3. What is your opinion of slavery?

    • Some are born to lead while far more are born to serve.

    • I’m a slave, what do you think?

    • Without slavery our civilization

    • People owning people…it’s disgusting, no animal I know does this to their own kind.

  4. What is your opinion of psionics?

    • It’s the ultimate expression of one’s power in the world

    • Nothing more than a few tricks that one can do…nothing more

    • A dangerous power that defilers use

    • Psionics needs to be monitored and controlled so that it can benefit society

  5. What is your opinion of arena fighting?

    • A place that makes champions out of men

    • A barbaric form of entertainment that should be outlawed

    • A great place to gamble and make some extra money

    • I love cheering on my favorite gladiators!

  6. What is your opinion of elves?

    • Those shifty bastards are not to be trusted…ever!

    • The only group willing to trade you those hard to find items

    • They actually understand what is really going on and protect their own

    • I don’t work with them and they don’t bother me

  7. What is your opinion of nobles?

    • Those rich ass kissers are only where they are because of the sorcerer-kings

    • Crafty individuals who are able to exploit the right resources for personal gain

    • Decadent individuals ripe to be exploited for my gain

    • I stay away from them, who knows if they want to press me into slavery for their profit

  8. What is your primary motivation?
  9. Where do you come from?

Character Creation Questions

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